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Our Product Guarantee Cameron 16/03/2022

We offer a lifetime product guarantee!
Our focus is always on sourcing the best quality recycled, upcycled and sustainably sourced products.

When you order your eco product from our website, you can count on our lifetime product guarantee.

The process is simple.

After ensuring you have been following the specific care instructions for your product, if the product you purchased cracks or breaks through normal use* we will offer you a replacement for free (incl. shipping fees). All you need to do is send us a photo of your damaged product to customercare@tovigifts.com with your original order number.

We will then provide you with a store credit to be used on your replacement Coconut Bowl.

If you placed your order more than 30 days ago, we will simply pass on the shipping and handling fees to you. You’ll pay absolutely nothing for the product replacement.

*As per our care instructions, products damaged due to exposure to extreme or prolonged heat cannot be replaced. Our team will be able to determine whether this is the case. For example, our coconut bowls do not like extreme heat of cold so putting them in the microwave or dishwasher would not be covered in this case.