Partner Cameron 01/04/2022

Partner with Tovi Gifts in your country

Do you want to become part of our success story and create your own business or to leverage your experience and network to open new markets? Want to develop an income stream to help transform your life and to open new possibilities?

We are always looking for partners who share our values, love our products, want to help save the world and really see the potential of what we do. We are open to exploring how we can work with passionate and capable people who also see potential in Tovi Gifts.

The Many ways to Become a Partner with Tovi

We are actively looking for partners who want to launch Tovi Gifts and our amazing product range into their country. We provide everything that is needed from digital marketing, language specific website, ecommerce, 3PL solutions and all the love we can muster.
Can you see the market opportunity for our Yoga bags into the yoga sector, coconut bowls into the restaurant/café sector or our recycled plastic notebooks into the corporate and event sectors? Perhaps you already have an existing and successful eCommerce site and would like to drop ship or wholesale our products through a channel arrangement?

We are always looking for country and sector specific partners who share our values, love our products, are believers in helping save the environment and want to ensure all products are Fair Trade and truly help the artisanal makers.

Tovi Gifts in Your Country
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