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Coconut Spoons Cameron 26/05/2022

A unique and on-trend solution from Sustainable Forest sources.

The Tovi Coconut Spoons come from sustainable and well managed coconut forests throughout Sri Lanka. The wood, which would normally get made into pulp – or worse – burned and buried, is rescued and retained for its uniqueness and coloration. 

The characteristics of the coconut wood make it perfect for eating utensils and other eco products. Coconut Palm grows naturally (often alongside a bamboo plantations) and without the need for harmful fertilisers, pesticides or even irrigation, therefore growing it doesn’t contribute to unwelcome impact on the environment. 

Tovi Coconut Wood Spoon

Coconut Wood Spoons have a low carbon footprint, are natural and sustainable and look amazing when paired with our range of coconut bowls. Our Spoons are 100% organic and completely free from chemicals throughout the entire production process. They are strong and long lasting and will maintain their beauty for years to come. Of course, being natural they can be safely composted when you’re done, dig them into your veggie patch or throw it in your compost pile

Each one of our Coconut Straws is handmade from a single piece of waste coconut wood, which is sustainably harvested by our local artisans from plantations across Sri Lanka.

tovi coconut wood spoons lying flat on table
Handmade with Love
Planet Friendly
Chemical Free
Reusable Product