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Cafe & Restaurants Cameron 04/05/2022

Stand out from the competition, attract customers and help our planet.

More customers are seeking zero-waste products whilst also gravitating towards healthy lifestyle choices such as smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, vegan bowls or desert bowls – and these are ideally served in a Tovi coconut bowl, with a coconut wood spoon and maybe even with a Tovi bamboo straw.

Many successful cafes and restaurants are adding smoothie and desert bowls to their menu, attracting new (and often returning) customers with a ‘Instagram worthy’ meal!  Additionally, using the Tovi coconut bowl highlights your environmental credentials and helps eliminate plastic and other single use products.

The sustainable solution.

The Tovi coconut bowl can be re-used hundreds of times – just by following our simple care instructions including not putting them in the dishwasher. 

Tovi provides the option of having customed engraving on your bowls, and many of our café and restaurant clients actually sell coconut bowls to their customers!  And of course, many also sell hundreds of our Tovi Bamboo straws.

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