Rice Sacks

Rice Sacks Cameron 18/03/2022

Every year millions of polypropylene plastic rice sacks are manufactured with many ending up in landfill or burnt in an incinerator.

Whilst polypropylene (PP) plastic can be recycled, there is a much more energy efficient (and stylish) approach which is to simply upcycle these into useable products. The upcycling process is quite straight forward and involves washing and drying the sacks, ironing them flat, cutting and sewing to create our shopping and yoga bags. 

Our aim is to upcycle the used rice sacks into a range of highly desirable and practical products that not only remove post-consumer waste material from our planet but also provide sustained income stream for our collectors, family friendly jobs for our seamstresses to allow self-determination and just as importantly to help ‘visibly’ share the benefit of upcycling such waste material across the world when you visit your local supermarket.

Creating an Eco System that supports the Planet.

Our used rice sacks are collected from many sources including local restaurants, international hotels, village collectives and individual homes. By paying for the used rice sacks, we have created and support an eco-system where what was once a waste product that was discarded has become an item of value.

upcycled rice sacks
Box with tovi coconut bowl

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