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Custom Branded Gifts Cameron 04/05/2022

Genuinely unique, eco-friendly branded products that reinforce positive ethics and environmental awareness.

Tovi can partner with you to create unique and practical ‘branded’ items from our product range that reinforce the ethics of your organisation, emphasize your commitment to the environment and reaffirm your CSR commitments. Our design team will ensure the bespoke design of your ‘branded’ promotional products truly represent the ethos of your organisation with genuinely useful items your team will cherish and that reinforce your commitment to saving the planet and to also directly supporting low-income artisanal producers in developing countries. Critically, our range of products are not your typical ‘buy anywhere’ disposable swag but hand-crafted artisanal products that can promote positive health and wellbeing, help save the environment and change the lives of the artisanal producers in Sri Lanka.

Recycled Plastic Notebooks

We can customise our unique recycled plastic cover notebooks with elephant dung paper with the following bespoke options:

Custom Branded Paper Strap

Wrapped around the outside of the notebook, the band (printed on elephant dung paper) is 5cm high and wraps around the entire notebook providing

Bespoke Entry Page

We can insert a fully customised A5 sheet into the notebook to provide a large area to communicate to your team.  Once again this is printed on elephant dung paper.

Organic Bamboo Straws

Our range of organic bamboo straws  with included upcycled rice bag holders provide an excellent way to show your commitment to reducing plastic waste and the principles of sustainability. The following customisation options are available:

Recycled Paper Round Tag

Customise the recycled ‘round tag’ on the upcycled rice bag holder for the straws.

Wrapping Paper

Design the wrapping paper that the straws are shipped in with your logo or messaging.

Bag tag

Customise the tag that is sown into the upcycled rice bag carrier – Include your logo, website, or message.

Bespoke Personal Note

Include a bespoke note in the packaging outlining the benefits of bamboo straws

Upcycled Rice Bag Tote

Replace the typical conference (swag) bag for your next event with a truly unique Tovi Tote bag made from upcycled rice sacks.

Sewn-on Patch Label

Design a patch that can be hand sown onto the side of the bag – make your logo or message really pop

Bag tag

Customise the tag that is sown into the upcycled rice bag carrier – Include your logo, website, or message.

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