Bamboo Cameron 18/03/2022

An abundant, eco-friendly and fully sustainable resource, without the need for chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides

Bamboo is a species of grass but grows up to five times faster than most other species of trees in the tropical climate of Sri Lanka and is mature after in only three years. It can be harvested after two years and then multiple times per year for up to 40 years! 


Bamboo branches are first identified for the right thickness and cut to length before being left to firm up and dry naturally in the sun for a few days before being transported by our artisans to their homes or local village factories.

bamboo reeds for havesting


The bamboo is pressure washed to remove dust and boiled in hot water to help with final cleaning before being left in the sun to dry them.  No chemicals are used during this process – making sure they are 100% organic and natural.

cleaning the bamboo by boiling


Finally, the material is transformed into Bamboo straws, quality checked and packaged as needed (using local, recycled packaging) before being sent worldwide.  We tracks and offset all CO2 emissions involved in our supply chain!

finished product bamboo straws ready for sale