About us

About us Cameron 06/02/2020

Our commitment to eco sustainable products supporting the creative communities of Sri Lanka

Tovi Gifts was founded to provide global exposure and access to a range of artisan made products that provide community and financial benefits to our producers whilst all products that we develop have a direct environmental benefit.  From our coconut bowl range made from discarded shells, our bamboo straws as a perfect replacement to single use plastic straws, our handmade notebooks made from recycled plastic with elephant dung paper and our upcycled rice sacks which are transformed into stunning bags and placemats.

Sri lankan children smiling in group

Our Story

The genesis of Tovi Gifts came about by young English entrepreneur Hannah Hodson wanting to build an ethical, fair trade and socially responsible business selling coconut and smoothie bowls into the UK. Founded with a triple bottom line philosophy where people and planet are just as important as profit, the team established partnerships with many different groups in Sri Lanka to build a brighter future for their local communities.

From a nebulous idea (and during a pandemic no less), multiple trips to Sri Lanka, and the formation of our team from across Sri Lanka, Australia, and the UK, we have invested in our team, technology, marketing and logistics capability, whilst partnering directly with the local communities, artisans and villages to present our collection of giftware and unique handmade products.  Our Fair Trade+ ethos, ability to directly change lives as well as our ever-present sense of solving environmental challenges help us keep focus on making the world a better place.

Our Values

Tovi Gifts was established with a ‘triple bottom line’ core set of principles. We are not just about “making a profit” at the expense of people or the planet, on the contrary, we consider all three of equal importance and fundamentally interconnected. We manage our environmental impact by working directly across our supply chain constantly looking for opportunities to improve efficiency and minimise waste. 

Through both employment opportunities and local charity work, we endeavour to impact the lives of people and their communities with meaningful positive outcomes. We champion fair trade initiatives by creating both learning & development opportunities and consistent, well remunerated work for our artisans, providing job security on economic prosperity. The profits we generate allow us to deliver extensive charitable outcomes, from helping local employment prospects through skill enhancement programs, to supplying schools with much need equipment or simply to help put food on the table.

Triple Bottom Line

People, Planet & Profit equally important and interconnected.

Fairtrade Advocacy

Creating opportunities for our skilled artisans and local teams.

Charitable Initiatives

Delivering programs to direct support where it is needed.

Our Mission

"To produce high quality, eco-friendly products that are handmade, ethically sourced and sustainably produced…where each product sold will have a direct and meaningful impact on people and planet, allowing us to support our artisans and their community.”

Box with tovi coconut bowl

Do you want to collaborate with Tovi?

Our team are always on the look out for opportunities to produce new and interesting eco products. Do you have an idea or perhaps an already established product that you think we may be interested in? Perhaps your business is looking for custom branded products for a corporate event?

Send us a message and get in touch to discuss we would love to hear from you!