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Hannah Hodson



Helping in a time of Covid

Beyond our commitment to fair trade principals, we donate 1% of our revenue (not just our profit) to our community in Sri Lanka.  This is not a broad-based NGO type donation where the money is often lost or spent on ineffectual donations.

Our local connection to our community assisted by having our own local full-time team helped to ensure that our donations are really impactful.  During the last quarantine in Sri Lanka – we were able to directly donate cooked food to people who were in absolute locked down within their village homes due to Covid infection.  We give away food hampers to many in the same situation – unable to leave their homes and sadly without income as their usual ‘day worker’ wages were not being earnt. 

From buying cooked food, dry goods (rice, dahl, spices, milk powder, etc), to supplying clothes, educational supplies and even recently buying a young girl a birthday cake and gifts – we are able to combine our philanthropic intention with laser focused impact.  It really does fill our hearts with joy.

We often don’t take photos of how we give back, we don’t make a big Instagram story out of it… instead and because we are local and global – we are able to truly understand where we can and should help. 

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