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Hannah Hodson



How to Make Amazing ‘Insta-worthy’ Food Photos

The concept is simple—take a photo of the food that you have made with passion and post it online. That said there are a few tricks that are well worth noting to help your images really pop, communicate your passion, and importantly stand out in the busy content full world of social media.

Find the light Photographing in natural light is always the best. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your Tovi Coconut bowl creation is… it will look better photographed near a window or outside. There is no doubt a cheap light ring can help but we always suggest natural light but maybe sometimes with a little added assistance from a light ring.

Make it natural Elaborately stage-managed food shots and videos look exactly as described! Stage-Managed. Natural, flowing and real photo’s are always better. Always try to enhance the natural beauty that is your meal.

Work the AnglesMix it up a little – overhead shots are fine as are straight on shots, however an angle that show a different perspective is always more eye catching.

Use only fresh ingredientsFood always looks best when it is at peak freshness, texture and ideally (locally) in season to you. Not only does this give you much better photograph it is also reflective of what is locally and seasonally available – making your image unique

Don’t try to be perfectUnless you are a professional food stylist then we love images that bring out your personality, reinforce your belief system and quite simply highlight what you like. If you prefer your Tovi Coconut bowl breakfast to have 8x strawberries to make a strawberry mountain – be brave and don’t conform ‘accepted norms’. Share what you love and the photos will simply be better.

Invoke the sensesThe best photographs are those that evoke the senses. Don’t necessarily bury the goodness in your bowl – sprinkle and drizzle the ‘hidden’ ingredients; or use these as part of your background - so people can truly sense what the photo contains.

Use Props with PurposeIt is sometimes worthwhile thinking of a food photograph as a set for a stage play. Consider carefully what is in the background as this can transform a simple photo. A background can context, authenticity and maybe a little inspiration.

A little digital editing goes a long wayThere are incredible digital editing tools available, but photo editing should only take a few seconds: a quick adjustment of contrast, exposure, and clarity, and that's about it. A little touch of warmth is useful but natural light and maybe a light ring should really have already done just about all of the work.

Create Cohesion and your personal styleThe key to crafting a beautiful food account on Instagram, Facebook and other social channels is establishing cohesion and maintaining your personal style between your posts. Think of yourself as the curator of a collection: all the photos should complement one another, be of a similar style and carry a consistent theme. Food photography is an art and it should be treated as such, play around, try different things and accept that not every photo is going to be perfect!

Be Human Being real by adding a hand or more of you into the photo makes it simply more accessible, real and people connect better with the images. The great things with Tovi Coconut bowls is you can take them anywhere – from your local café to the beaches in Sri Lanka!

Beware of FlashYou should never be in need of a flash! Look for the natural light, and if not possible use a light ring. A bright burst of flash simultaneously overexposes and underexposes your subject, often resulting in a hyper-dark background and a bright white focus point

Timing Food begins to look tired and lose its lustre very quickly. So always work fast to make it as appealing as possible. This needs a little palling to ensure everything is set – background, lighting, angles and framing of your shot.

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