people pf sri lanka desperate to obtain gas


Hannah Hodson



Tough Times in Sri Lanka and how you can help

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic situation for many decades as the impact of financial mismanagement, poor political policy, the Covid pandemic with its direct costs, the stagnation of the tourist industry, lack of foreign reserves to buy essential items and many other factors.  The actual reality on the ground and for all Sri Lankas is rolling power blackouts of 4-5 hours every day, massive queues for petrol (at least 2-3 hours if there is any fuel), a huge shortage of gas (for cooking), milk, medicines and essential food items.  After months of peaceful protest and with inflation going crazy – this all boiled over during the past week to start the needed change…

There is no overnight fix but unfortunately a long, slow recovery as the wonderful people from this beautiful country recover.  The reality on the ground is incredibly sad and difficult to watch as many poorer people can only afford one meal a day, most people don’t have gas to cook with and many evenings are spent without electricity.

You can help… And help directly.  Firstly – if you are planning on an international holiday over the coming months put Sri Lanka on the top of your list.  It may seem counterintuitive after outlining the issues the country is facing however you will be safe; you get to visit the magical island paradise and every dollar/pound/euro you spend really does help.  Whether it’s the 300-rupee Tuk Tuk ride (£0.70, $0.83), the hotel accommodation or the restaurant meal out – every single dollar you spend is needed!  You may be slightly inconvenienced by some of the issues, but this inconvenience is far outweighed by the good of your trip.

Buy Sri Lankan made products…  Every single Tovi product is handmade in Sri Lanka and overall, we support well in excess of 100 families every month…  So, every purchase of a coconut bowl, bamboo straw, recycled plastic notebook or upcycled rice bag – directly helps support Sri Lankans.  And most importantly your purchase results in foreign currency being sent to Sri Lanka.  This foreign currency is then used by Sri Lanka to pay for the much-needed fuel, medical supplies, and food. 

And donate cash to Sri Lanka – we always recommend choosing your donation partner well (to ensure your money actually helps the needy) but for around £50 – £70 you can provide dry rations (rice, dahl, sugar, tea, milk power, spices, dry fish, cooking oil, etc) to feed an entire family for a month…

There is hardship in many places worldwide but right now Sri Lanka and its wonderful, kind people need our help.

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