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The Advantages of Coconut Trees in the Garden Lasantha Chamara 08/02/2022
coconut tree with coconuts hanging

In general, a coconut tree can be found in many homes in Sri Lanka, especially in rural areas and there are many benefits of having a coconut tree in your garden. In Sri Lanka, an average household of 4 to 5 members consumes about 6 coconuts a week, sometimes more. In fact, It’s not uncommon to have two or more coconut trees planted to ensure the household has enough coconuts to last a month.

With the current economic situation in Sri Lanka, the average family can reduce the cost of living significantly being that the current value of a coconut in a Sri Lankan supermarket can range from between 90 and 100 rupees. An average family, consuming 6 coconuts a week, can save up to Rs. 2,400 per month, a substantial amount considering this is near what a Sri Lankan worker may earn for an entire day of work.

In addition, coconut husks are used as a fertilizer for plants. This is beneficial to the soil by allowing oxygen to flow freely around plant roots, helping maintain the health of your plants and ultimately allowing them to grow larger and faster. Husks are also used in creating decorative items, to plant flowers and, of course, to make reusable bowls.

The benefits of coconuts are substantial to health also. 

Coconuts are:

  • High in potassium
  • Low in calories
  • Free of bad fats and cholesterol
  • Great in the prevention of kidney stones and contribute towards healthier skin.
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